Services Lighthouse Provides

The most important program at Lighthouse focuses on education. In addition, we have several programs that provide enrichment that helps students practice social skills and explore occupational opportunities. Not only do we provide a meal each evening, but we offer physical exercise opportunities and access to our on-site garden to teach youth the importance of healthy bodies.

We provide opportunities for youth to “give back” through volunteer activities at Lighthouse and in the community. And finally, we celebrate successes!

A Safe, Supervised, and Nurturing Environment

Lighthouse is open Monday through Friday from 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., twelve months a year, including school breaks and summer months. Trained staff members and volunteers provide constant and consistent supervision of youth. Staff members and volunteers build rapport and a sense of belonging by initiating conversations, games and other positive interactions with youth. Lighthouse provides a “Safe Harbor” where youth feel cared for and safe.


Tutoring and Academic Support

Lighthouse staff members (Certified Teacher) and volunteers facilitate study hours from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. on school days. During study hours youth have a quiet place to study, receive one-on-one tutoring and computer access. Staff members communicate with school personnel to monitor attendance, academic performance and behavior of youth identified as needing additional assistance.

Food Program

Lighthouse Food Program Coordinator prepares an afternoon snack and evening meal Monday-Friday, 12 months a year. Evening meals are nutritious and reflect the cultural and ethnic diversity of participating youth. Providing snacks and evening meals addresses the nutritional needs of young people, helping them to concentrate on schoolwork and learning.


Enrichment Activities

Enrichment activities provide learning opportunities outside the school classroom. Lighthouse enrichment activities enhance life experiences and learning opportunities by providing participating youth access to workshops, career exploration field trips, camping, arts and theatre activities, etc. Enrichment activities are facilitated at least twice a month.

Fitness 4 Life

Lighthouse provides recreational activities as a positive alternative to high-risk behaviors including gangs, drug/alcohol use, crime, etc., that are barriers to high school graduation. Structured recreational activities provide opportunities for youth to participate in sports, games and other events. Numerous recreational activities are available daily including basketball, pool table and card/board/video games. Lighthouse teams up with Nebraska Wesleyan to have student athletes perform camps and skill building sessions.