Light Bulb Public Art Project

Lincoln: Lighthouse

ILLUMINATING LINCOLN: LIGHTHOUSE is a Public Art Project modeled after the Cows on Parade in Chicago and Lincoln’s Bikes(Tour de Lincoln), and is just one component of the 25th Anniversary celebration of Lighthouse throughout 2015.

The concept for the Project is a six foot Light Bulb – an icon of illumination – using fiberglass with a polyurethane resin. Nebraska Artists have submitted amazing and imaginative proposals using the Light Bulb as their canvas and the 51 proposals selected by a jurying process are on display in Lincoln and surrounding communities. The purpose of this project was to illuminate the need and importance of after school programming. Below is a full list of locations where they may be viewed.

Name of Piece: Light Out of the Dark

Patron: Metro Gallery, Janet & Carl Eskridge, & the Lincoln Community Foundation
Location: Centerpointe, 2633 P Street

Name of Piece: Plug In

Patron: Ehlers Animal Care
Location: Wells Fargo Bank, SW Corner of 13th & P

Name of Piece: Fusion

Patron: Scott & Jeanie Fitzgerald
Location: Lux Middle School, 7800 High Street

Name of Piece: The Meadowlark’s Tree

Patron: Jim C. & Rhonda Seacrest
Location: Morley Elementary School, 6800 Monterey Drive

Name of Piece: Legend Pottery

Artist: Jeri Brainard
Patron: Brainard’s Heating and Air Cond. INC.
Location: U-stop, SE Corner of 84th & Cornhusker Hwy

Name of Piece: Words Can Light

Patron: Lighthouse Board of Directors
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Comic Book Heroes

Patron: Duncan Aviation
Location: Belmont Elementary School, 3425 N. 14th Street

Name of Piece: Incandescent Flight

Patron: Kristen and Dr. Gene Stohs
Location: Farmers Mutual Insurance, 501 S. 13th Street

Name of Piece: Electrical Swarm Artist

Patron: Assurity Life
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Identity

Patrons: Marilyn & Bill Cintani
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Light Through the Trees

Patron: Rembolt Ludtke LLP
Location: Nebraska Press Association 845 8 Street

Name of Piece: Lighting a Life with Warmth and Concern

Patrons: Katherine & Anthony Starace
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Night Light

Patron: Pegler Family Foundation
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Night Light

Patron: Mueller Robak LLC
Location: 530 S. 13th Street

Name of Piece: Better Together

Patrons: Sue & Tom Tallman
Location: Complete Children’s Health, 8201 Northwoods Drive

Name of Piece: Illuminate

Patrons: Jim & Julie Pittenger
Location: Humann Elementary School, 6720 Rockwood Lane

Name of Piece: Flowers

Patron: In Honor of Emanual & Evelyn Luft
Location: CHI Health St. Elizabeth, 555 S. 7oth Street, Circle Drive, Main Entrance

The Hand Artist

Patrons: Gregory E. Sutton & Margaret Kontras Sutton
Location: Private Locationn, will be moved to Telegraph District

Name of Piece: Glimmers of Light

Patrons: Ted Simonson Family in Memory of Jan, and to Honor Kelly, Pam, fill and Betsy
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Little Wonders

Patron: Wake Charitable Foundation
Location: Randolph Elementary School, 1024 5. 37th Street

Name of Piece: Illuminating Values

Patron: Abel Foundation
Location: Lighthouse, 2601 N Street

Name of Piece: Illuminating Values

Patrons: Aslan, Scarlett & Kylie Kingery
Location: Rousseau Elementary School, 3701 S. 33rd Street

Name of Piece: Light Within

Patron: Nelnet
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Evolinction

Patrons: Drew & Marcia Lepinski, William & Nancy Ingham, and Bill & Sandy Ludwig
Location: ILC, 6800 Normal Blvd.

Name of Piece: A Place Among the Stars

Patrons: Talent Plus, Inc., Larry Sternberg, and Friends & Family of the Artist
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: The Many Images of Self

Patrons: Holly & Tonn Ostergard
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Recovering Light: Revealing the Light Within

Patrons: Mark & Deanna Hutchins and Max & Pat Cinder
Location: Private Location but is visible from the Rock Island Trail south of Calvert Street

Name of Piece: Duchampian Water Tower

Patron: Acklie Charitable Foundation
Location: Eastmont Towers, 6315 0 Street

Name of Piece: House of Alternating Current

Patrons: Laurie & Scott Tallman
Location: LES Service Center, 2620 Fairfield Street

Name of Piece: From the Inside Out Artists

Patron: Commercial
Location: Nebraska Heart Institute, 7500 Street 

Name of Piece: Grow Light

Patron: Mark Tallman
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Grow Light 2

Patrons: Dr. Rod & Debbie Basler
Location: Stogwfillsrrlmmacy, 3811 S.

Name of Piece: Positive Light

Patrons: Supporters of Lighthouse
Location: Custom Countertops, 4705 N. 56th Street

Name of Piece: Lighthouse: Where Learning Comes Alive

Patrons: Dave & lane Firestone and Glen Moss & Nancy Sutton-Moss
Location: Zeman Elementary School, 4900 S. 52nd Street (front door)

Name of Piece: Full Spectrum

Patrons: Kris & Don Peterson
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Spreading the Light

Patron: Olson Financial Group of STIFEL Loy Olson Matthew Olson
Location: Private Location, Future Location Weingart Co. Inc 122 N. 11th Street

Name of Piece: One World

Patron: AT&T Inc.
Location: Calvert Elementary School 3709 S. 46th Street

Name of Piece: The Great Big Blue

Patron: Speedway Properties
Location: Illuminations, 1901 West 0 Street

Name of Piece: The Great Big Pink

Patron: The Pearle Francis Finigan Foundation
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Broader Horizons

Patrons: Dana & Cindy Rose Culver’s
Location: Culver’s, 1500 Old Cheney Road

Name of Piece: Sky‘s the Limit

Patrons: Lincoln Industries and TMCO Inc
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: The Lowly Pencil Elevated in the Hands of a Child

Patrons: Max & Maurine Hale, in Honor of their Family
Location: Hartley Elementary School, fio N. 33rd Street

Name of Piece: Let There Be Light

Patrons: Ludy & Ross Wilcox
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Stories of Value

Patron: White Law Office, P.c., LLO.
Location: 8th and R Streets

Name of Piece: Journey of Light

Patron: Ameritas
Location: Private Location

Name of Piece: Together

Patron: Mark T. & Margaret L. Seacrest Family
Location: Maxey Elementary School, 5200 S. 75th Street

Name of Piece: This Little Light of Mine

Patrons: lulie & Boyd Batterman and Dr. Michael McCoy
Location: Lincoln Christian School, 5801 S. 84th Street

Name of Piece: Soaring Dreams

Patrons: Friends of Lighthouse
Location: Prairie Lake Plaza, 87th and HWY2

Flowering Minds

Patrons: Julie Kloke & Dan Semrad
Location: Tabitha, 4720 Randolph Street